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Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to support a cause that touched us. Therefore, ShareDoc designed a platform to empower the audience to make an impact. Our purpose is to amplify the social impact of documentaries. After each screening, we offer the audience the possibility to donate to a protagonist or a charity or to take concrete actions such as signing a petition or organizing a protest to raise awareness.

It is not only about watching...

It’s time to act! Our documentaries-focused platform bridges a gap by enabling the audience of documentaries to take action immediately after watching the documentary. The audience does not only want to dwell in awareness. Awareness is not something you can eat, nor a tool to cool the planet; awareness cannot provide shelter to those millions of refugees nor change the fate of the 26 billion chickens trapped in the global factory industry. At best, awareness can be a beginning. It can be the start of something new. Awareness might lead you to take action via ShareDoc: the action that will make an impact and has the potential to change lives of the Protagonist.

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Documentaries for the audience to create an everlasting impact

We live in a world where making an impact has become increasingly important. With ShareDoc, we can all be part of the unfolding story and contribute to shaping a new world. ShareDoc is a space for change-makers willing to take action and ignite growth and bonding.

Discover our featured documentaries on the platform and how the audience contributes every single day to impact on a global level the lives of protagonists.

How does it work?

ShareDoc enables you to easily make a long-lasting impact by providing you the instant possibility to take action.

You are in good company!

ShareDoc is a crossroad for everyone in the industry to connect and get involved in new collaborations. We aim to partner with the most influential Human Rights Films Festivals in Europe and to join forces to create a more accessible documentary industry where the audience can instantly act.

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We love to hear from you! Are you a documentarist willing to make an impact for your protagonist, a festival organizer, a producer, or a documentary enthusiast embracing the idea of collaborating to enhance the social impact of documentaries? Let us start a conversation!

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