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Becoming A Black Woman


Rachel M'Bon

This documentary's purpose is to make voices heard, to give a message. It is the 1st film denouncing structural racism in Switzerland. Under its impulse I created an impact campaign to make a change!

Campaign ended



Help us fund the impact campaign to make Afro-descendants visible at all levels of society!

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In Switzerland, a land of consensus and neutrality, unprecedented voices are being raised, those of women who are fighting for the recognition of structural racism, deconstructing stereotypes and claiming their dual Swiss and black identity.

In this context, Rachel (Barbezat) M'Bon, a Swiss-Congolese journalist, begins her own identity quest. On her way to emancipation, she questions her past, her present and holds up a mirror to her country and to her peers.

A documentary co-directed by Juliana Fanjul and Rachel M'Bon.


The Association and Impact Campaign

To help implement the impact campaign, the Now We Are Rising (NWAR) association was constituted on 9 December 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland. ,

Now We Are Rising (NWAR) is a Swiss non-profit association. Its objective is to value and represent people of color (POC) at the cultural, social and political levels. The association aims to deconstruct clichés, to propose new narratives, to offer visibility, to raise awareness and to promote diversity. NWAR acts on 3 main pillars: culture, education and awareness/advocacy.

The first action carried out by NWAR is the launch of the impact strategy that accompanies the film "Becoming a Black Woman" and the movement associated with it: the “Je suis noires Movement”.

The "Je Suis Noires Movement" - #Jesuisnoires, began with the film Je suis noires/Becoming A Black Woman (English title) which was co-directed by Juliana Fanjul and Rachel M'Bon, journalist.

This movement is a social impact strategy that attempts to assist, encourage, and empower Black women to positively redefine their self-perception and to rise together alongside their allies to expand the possibilities of social cohesion.

The impact campaign involves the implementation of activities that aim to bring about concrete change to improve the lives of Black women and women of color first. However, these activities do in fact positively impact the lives of all people of color (POC).

The activities are mainly articulated around 4 pillars: education, awareness, political lobbying and the establishment of partnerships / collaborations.

The impact campaign has a national focus in Switzerland and aims to extend internationally.