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They loved ShareDoc!

At CPH:DOX, we were impressed by the spirit and determination of Share Doc to further the efforts of filmmakers and their work, and provide concrete support for film characters and issues they fight for- or with. It is essential that civil society and film collaborate in their role of "change agents” in the society. ShareDoc is an excellent tool to advocate for social, cultural, political and legal change around documentary films.

Tereza Simikova Head of Industry CPH:DOX 2023

While we as documentary makers are not allowed to reimburse our characters, Share Doc has ensured that our Daughters of the Sun have received a wonderful contribution for their efforts. I also noticed that the film audience that attended the Q&As really enjoyed to be able to do something concrete for the Yazidi women after watching the film.

Reber Dosky, Filmmaker

Here is why we believe our platform can be a success and disrupt the film industry! Watching a heavy documentary is one thing, but leaving it helpless after watching does not make me happy. If I were satisfied and able to act, I would go to this type of film more often.' ShareDoc’s mission is critical. As a film festival, we aim to collaborate with the platform for several reasons. Mainly, the project has the potential to become a single platform continually working with impact and with specific human-rights documentaries, which are the core of our festival programming strategy.

Organizer Festival One World

The audience can be more willing to visit specific documentaries if they can be involved instead of being reduced to passivity. The more festivals engage with ShareDoc, the greater the possibility of a united industry that encourages dialogue between the audience, filmmakers, protagonists, and festival representatives. ShareDoc and film festivals could work together to encourage the rise of an engaged audience willing to go beyond the film experience and engage in broader social changes.

Ondřej Kamenický, Director One World

I believe ShareDoc can lead to more satisfied audiences at our film festival and significant changes for the protagonists. It would change our image from being an information-oriented and discussion-oriented festival to an action-oriented festival. It is innovative as there are no similar initiatives only focused on the documentary industry.

Eric van de Giessen, Former International Support Manager at Movies that Matter

For us as producers, the ShareDoc concept is fantastic. We often get the question: "How can we help this person in your film?" And here we actually have an answer, where the protagonists themselves can receive direct donations. The logistics are manageable, and most importantly: We always have a feeling that we are collaborating with an organisation that has its heart in the right place.

Maria Kristensen, Producer Final Cut for Real

As a documentry filmmaker I sometimes asked myself – does my job still have sense in this world, overloaded with video material and documentaries of any kind?
Are festivals, red carpets and prizes really my goal? No.

Anastasia Vinokurova, Filmmaker

The ShareDoc idea was for me an insight. Making documentaries to create a real social impact – that sounds good! ShareDoc makes it possible on very direct way.
Thanks to ShareDoc I found a new motivation to continue working on documentary film, looking for stories and protagonists, who are making this world better and need help on it.

Anastasia Vinokurova, Filmmaker

I wanted to say HUGE THANKS for your idea and platform! I think we did it well.

Ruslan Fedotow, Filmmaker Away

ShareDoc is a fantastic initiative and resource for documentary filmmakers, and we were honoured to have the ShareDoc team at our festival to meet with documentarians from the island of Ireland.
We hope to continue to develop our relationship in the coming years!

Roisín Geraghty / Head of Industry & Marketplace DOCS IRELAND

ShareDoc is a simple and great tool that can benefit many protagonists and also film teams to create impact in an efficient way.

Sini Hormio Filmmaker, Impact Producer, Impact trainer


ShareDoc stands at a crossroad between everyone involved in the lifecycle of a documentary. We bring an innovative take as the first platform entirely focusing on documentaries. Our platform comes with a broad range of benefits and opportunities for filmmakers and their producers, seeking help for their protagonist. ShareDoc benefits all documentary professionals as well as festival-organizers, and distributors, providing easy access to tools that enable them to  measure the social impact of documentaries.

Every filmmaker with social impact documentaries can create a page on our platform to help their protagonist. You can use our platform for free, however it is essential to update your page and let the audience see how the protagonists benefited from the donation. This effort will help the audience bonding. 


ShareDoc is a free platform that enables you to spread the story of your protagonist and gaining support for them. ShareDoc helps you to act quickly in a context of emergency. Our platform gives you access to the technology  you need to raise funds or awareness on the story of your protagonist. 

When you sign up for ShareDoc and create a page for your documentary, you will receive a QR code to integrate in the credits of your film. When the audience scans the QR code on the tickets or in the credit of the film, they are  directed to your ShareDoc page and can instantaneously take action to help your protagonist.

Launch a micro-campaign to promote your film and reach new communities 

As a filmmaker working on documentaries you would like to enhance your social impact and support the protagonists in your documentary. The mico-campaigns appear extremely progressive, enabling you to easily connect with the audience to gain visibility and share additional content related to your documentary and the cause you aim to support. 

Signing up for ShareDoc is free. Never upload your film on the platform, only the related material such as the trailer to collect donations for your protagonist or support them in any other way. 

How to start a campaign at ShareDoc? 

Register with your e-mail and create a password. Edit your page for the campaign and download your QR code to place under your credits of the film. And your raidy to start supporting your protagonists in need,

Sign up and empower your audience

  1. Sign up  before you can create a campaign
  2. Start creating your page
    Set up:  Write in short why your protagonist needs help or the charity of your choice and upload trailer or photos and synopsis details about your film (images, descriptions etc..). 
  3. When your page is made you can upload QR code in the form of a SVG or PNG file. There is a customization option to add a text on ‘Why you need support’ above the QR. The template has space for two sentences max, so keep it clear and short. Audience members have just seen your film, so they are already aware of the needs.  Edit the QR code in credits of the film.
  4. Raise funds for an unlimited period of time.
  5.  Create the hands-on support Button.
    Supporters of your cause might want to help in other ways then by donating only.
    -Petitions to support your cause.
    -Events to join and support your cause, oa demonstrations or screenings of your film.
    -Volunteer, Ways in which the viewer could spend their time.
    -Materials: List of materials to donate to help the protagonist.
    -More, Other ways in which the viewer could help?
  6. Create a Micro-campaign for your film (where is it screened - awards en contend about your protagonist ‘How are they doing’ to support your protagonist(s) or the charity of your choice
  7. Achieved Impact. ShareDoc platform is free but we ask you to invest your time to show the results of the donation at your page when the campaign is ended or when you have results sooner.
Create your campaign


Our one-of-a-kind platform offers great benefits for film festivals especially when it comes to enhancing your program and gathering insightful audience engagement data to understand which movies currently stand out. Accessing these insights will enable your team to identify relevant topics. What is more, ShareDoc could impact the future of film festivals by bringing an active dimension to the core of an activity that used to be passive and conversational. Eventually, ShareDoc has the potential to make a positive impact amongst film distributors and NGOs looking for action-oriented documentaries or seeking exposure to enhance distribution.

Are you looking for films with impact? 

As a multilingual platform ShareDoc has the potential to impact the industry, including distributors seeking action-oriented documentaries or seeking exposure to enhance the distribution. By raising awareness of a cause, NGOs can benefit from ShareDoc and leverage the platform as a performance tool to work towards gaining visibility and scalability.

Human Rights-related films are no longer a niche!

If our platform focuses on Human Rights Films, we do not only address Human Rights Film Festivals. Most European film festivals are involved in human rights and screen films in that category. Due to increasing environmental issues, ShareDoc expects an increasing number of films in this category in the upcoming years.

Are you a filmmaker, a producer, or a festival organizer?
We’d love to hear from you.

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