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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Share.Doc?

Share.Doc is an online platform that aims to empower the audience of documentaries to take action by donating or raising awareness for a protagonist or a charity.

Why did Creative Europe help ShareDoc?

ShareDoc was awarded a Grant from Creative Europe to enabling audience engagement and development of all ages across Europe with a platform as a place to collaborate & network in the next few years.

What is the goal of ShareDoc?

Our goal is to provide peer-to-peer action from the public to the protagonist in documentaries, by doing so we increase audience engagement.

What is a peer-to-peer platform?

It enables the audience to donate directly to the protagonist or the charity without the intervention of a third party.

Why a QR Code?

We decided to use the QR code to make it easy and instantaneous for everyone who wants to get involved. Thanks to the QR code you can take action on the go.

How does ShareDoc work?

After watching a documentary, you can scan the QR code featured in the credits or on the ticket that directs you to the landing page of the documentary, enabling you to donate or take action.

Which currencies are accepted?

We work with Mollie as a payment system and therefore accept all currencies and a broad range of payment methods.

What is Creative Europe?

Creative Europe is the European Commission's flagship program to support the culture and audiovisual sectors.


Why should I donate or take action on ShareDoc?

ShareDoc brings novelty to the documentary landscape by supporting filmmakers, sparing them the costs and energy of building websites, and enabling them to invest their time where it matters by making films. On top of it, ShareDoc helps filmmakers engage with their audience and enhance visibility.

How can I see how my donation helped?

Throughout the process, filmmakers will share updates on the page regarding the protagonist or the charity you supported.

Can I use my donation for tax deduction? How?

It depends on the regulations in your country.

Can I support several documentaries?

Yes, please!

How can I contact a filmmaker or a protagonist?

You cannot contact them directly, but you can leave a message on the ShareDoc platform or via their social media channels.

How do I know I won’t get spammed?

We work with top IT professionals to ensure that the website is 100% safe and fully compliant with the GDPR.


How can ShareDoc benefit film festivals as a partner?

The benefit is that the Share-Doc platform can structure networks. Share-Doc measures the impact of films, therefore, festivals can enhance their Programmation and screen films that made an impact. Share-Doc is a gross road for the industry, so everyone can gain more visibility, online and offline. By engaging the audience, ShareDoc empowers everyone visiting the festival and enhances the community revolving around films and documentaries.

ShareDoc can be present during the venue. Not only will we inform filmmakers about the very purpose of Share.Doc, we will also contribute to expand the festival's visibility to the right audience.

I am the organizer of a non-EU festival. Can I get in touch?

We work with all film festivals !

What are the costs involved?

ShareDoc charges 0% commission for using the platform, you only pay the payment processing costs. ShareDoc is a non-profit organization and therefore using the platform is for free.

How do you verify the filmmakers?

We are a foundation and work closely with film festivals. We always run due diligence on the projects of our filmmakers.


How do I submit a documentary?

It is super easy! You just need to sign up in order to create your campagene for your documentary at the platform. You create a page where you can write a summary of your documentary, upload your trailer, and post any other information you think is relevant. Our instructions will lead you through it!

Are all kinds of documentaries accepted on the platform?

We accept all documentaries and topics as long as they aim to make a positive impact and resonate with our social and philanthropic values.

To create a page for my documentary should the film be finished by then?

No but your page will only go live once your documentary is completed.

Is ShareDoc free?

Yes! ShareDoc charges 0% commission for using the platform, you only pay the payment processing costs.

Do I need to set a goal? And what if I do and exceed my goal?

We think a substantive purpose goal is more important, however you can target a predetermined amount if you like.

If you exceed your goals, it will amplify your support for the charity or the protagonists.


You still have questions? Please fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly!