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Simon David

Simon David (1994) is a Swiss filmmaker and artist of Dutch-American origin. In 2021, he spent several weeks with climate activists in the Zad on the Mormont hill. From this immersive experience was born the artistic project : Zadvengers.

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Environmental activists Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain Anarchy and Batman illegally occupy the Mormont Hill in the French-speaking part of Swit- zerland. They create a utopian society while waging a peaceful struggle against the enemy, the cement industry Holcim.

Far from all social norms, the activists invent, create and reclaim an enchanted place that is disappear- ing. They are threatened when the police announce that they will soon be evacuated.

Zadvengers is an immersive experience in the heart of a committed community of young people with strong ideologies. A realistic and turbulent tale that follows these anonymous people in trying to un- derstand what they experienced there before the turmoil.