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Our Daily Bread



MamaPan offers jobs with decent wages and working hours to single mothers or mothers who find themselves in difficult life situations.




MamaPan will have a new home. As any new home, it needs investments in renovation and fitting it with the appropriate equipment, costs that easily exceed their means. Your help is crucial to keep the business going and provide jobs!

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At the MamaPan bakery, they don’t just make bread. They also fix lives.

MamaPan is a small artisan bakery that makes bread and sells it, pays wages and taxes for its employees, and strives to literally mind its own business, moreover by practicing social economy. This means its employees belong to a disadvantaged social category - in our case, they are single mothers with poor means of subsistence, living at the bottom of the social ladder. But they are willing to work; they are concerned about their medical insurance and retirement fund. And they refuse to settle for living on social welfare.

Our Daily Bread attempts to understand the motivations that prompt all these women to choose the hard way - either through the business model they follow or simply by choosing to work instead of living on welfare.

The story of this bakery with all its problems is, in fact, the story of our society. We all have our place in here, and we depend on each other in our attempts of changing our lives for the better and having a contribution to community.

Irina is the bakery manager. She is the one who came with the idea of this business. She made it viable and she is stubborn enough to believe that social economy can actually work.

She manages to give her employees something more, not just cold cash - maybe even the one thing these women need most: to feel they are given the chance to step up and a place where they  feel they belong, no matter whether they are a former homeless, a Roma illiterate or a financially struggling mother of three.


Our Daily Bread is a film by Serban Georgescu, produced by Kolectiv