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The Caravan


Yuri, Mike, Santi, Maikel Baruch

In The Caravan, Yuri and her family travel over 5,000 kilometers with the migrant caravan in their pursuit of a better life for their children in the United States. Donations will be used to cover the cost of an immigration lawyer to assist them in regularizing their legal status.




Join us in providing crucial support and creating brighter prospects for the film's main protagonists: Yuri, Mike, and their children, Santiago and Maikel Baruk. Your contributions will be allocated to fund legal assistance in their effort to secure their status in the USA, address their educational requirements, secure stable housing, and access other opportunities that can pave the way for a brighter future for this family.

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Eight months pregnant Yuri, her son Santi, and her partner Mike, flee Honduras with the first migrant caravan. Determined to haver her baby born in the United States and along other 7,000 people, they scape from the violence and poverty that prevails in Central America. Full with hope, they’ll have to face a dangerous road of 5,000km to reach one of the most guarded borders in the world.