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Discover how a QR code featured in a film credit can make an impact

Once upon a time, in the famous festival IDFA, the team behind ShareDoc wanted to explore the impact on the audience of a peer-to-peer documentary platform. The answer was clear: the audience loved this alternative way of getting involved directly with the protagonists or charities. 

With a grant from Creative Europe ShareDoc could set up the platform how it is today. In a nutshell, ShareDoc enables documentary lovers to take action after watching a documentary by supporting a protagonist or a charity with a QR code featured in the credits; and to act for impact by donating or igniting a petition or organizing awareness.

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ShareDoc is the brainchild of Anne-Marie Borsboom, an Amsterdam native working as a filmmaker and producer. Anne-Marie was the first camerawoman in the Netherlands, collaborating with a broad array of directors. Her entire filmography has been broadcasted in the Netherlands. 'Homesick', 'Caraval Woman ', and 'Boi, Song of a Wanderer ‘ that  was nominated for Prix Europa and TIFF in the category Best International Documentary, are some of the movies made by Anne-Marie. Throughout her career, she engaged and interacted with film festival directors and filmmakers, which gave her the idea to create a platform that empowers documentary makers and their audiences to give back. ShareDoc is the result of her journey as a devoted filmmaker. Anne Marie Borsboom is the founder& CEO ShareDoc. For the project, she collaborates with Ruth Terpstra Go-Founder ShareDoc, she is a freelance sound technician in the film industry with extensive experience in project innovation and management.

The Foundation ShareDotDoc RSIN 859913909 is officially formed in 2019, is made out of Ada Vermeer-Janse -Treasures ShareDoc (accountant as profession) and José Smits - Chairman ShareDoc (Works as independent socioeconomic research consultant, specializing in social inclusiveness ) and Michelle van den Berg -Secretary ShareDoc (humanitarian project manager at Oxvam Novib). Its role will be to monitor the state of affairs of the ShareDoc foundation.  

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With your contribution ShareDoc as a nonprofit organization can continue to ensure that filmmakers can use the platform free of charge so protagonists in need of help can receive support wherever they are in the world.

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ShareDoc is a crossroad for everyone in the industry to connect and get involved in new collaborations. We aim to partner with Films Festivals in Europe and to join forces to create a more accessible documentary industry where the audience can instantly act.

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Are you a documentarist willing to make an impact for your protagonist, a festival organizer, a producer, or a documentary enthusiast embracing the idea of collaborating to enhance the social impact of documentaries? Let us start a conversation!