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At ShareDoc we believe in awareness as a catalyst for change. 

"We believe in guiding the audience towards immediate action while bridging the gap between the documentary industry and documentary lovers. It’s time to act! Our documentaries-focused platform bridges a gap by enabling the audience of documentaries to take action immediately after watching the documentary."

"The audience does not only want to dwell in awareness. Awareness is not something you can eat, nor a tool to cool the planet; awareness cannot provide shelter to those millions of refugees nor change the fate of the 26 billion chickens trapped in the global factory industry. At best, awareness can be a beginning. It can be the start of something new. Awareness might lead you to take action via ShareDoc : the action that will make an impact and has the potential to change lives of the Protagonists"


A Game-changer for the Industry

Our platform is home to a unique community of documentary enthusiasts with a philanthropic mindset. We exist to amplify the social impact of documentaries for the protagonists/charities involved in the project.

We enable the audience of documentaries to take instant action after the screening. With ShareDoc, filmmakers can enhance awareness of the protagonist’ story and set up a campaign to support them without going through the technical hassles of building a dedicated website with a payment system. 

Bringing changes within the industry 

ShareDoc’s peer-to-peer model perfectly adjusts to the needs of the younger generation looking for more sustainable and purposeful means in their lives. Our easy-to-access technology facilitates actions and brings additional value to the industry by enabling us to measure the impact of each film while increasing audience engagement and participation.

What we want to achieve

ShareDoc brings change to an aging industry.

We plan to continuously scale our platform to adjust to the ever-changing needs of this new circular economy that is finally taking shape.

We are currently working on securing partnerships with European festivals to explore new possibilities, increase participation, empower filmmakers, and ultimately improve the lives of many by increasing audience presence, participation, and engagement.

Launch your campaign 

Are you a documentary maker aiming to support the protagonists involved in your film and to share their unique story? ShareDoc platform is free to use but on this part we ask you to invest your time to make effort in audience bonding. 

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