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ShareDoc @ Nederlands Filmfestival

Utrecht 22-9-2023 to 29-9-2023

Daughters of the Sun selected for Gouden Kalf Nominations

The portrayed Yazidi women were barely teenagers when Islamic State soldiers kidnapped them and inducted them as (sex) slaves. By now many have returned. Dramatist Hussein helps them resettle in the community they were brutally snatched away from.

Many of the Yazidi women were still teenagers when they were abducted from their villages in the Kurdish mountains by Islamic State warriors. They were forced to convert to Islam and sold to terrorists as sex slaves. Now that the survivors have returned to their country, they bear a double cross: not only do they have traumatic memories, they are also afraid of the reactions from their own community. In this documentary, director Reber Dosky follows dramatist Hussein who tries to lessen the fear among both the women and the community by making the traumas visible and discussible.

ShareDoc @ Nederlands Filmfestival