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Leaving to Remain


Denisa, Petr & Ondrej

Filmed by the first British Roma crew, LEAVING TO REMAIN is an impact documentary which features three empowered Roma - the policeman PETR, the lawyer DENISA and the student ONDREJ - as they embark on a journey to empower others.



Lisa Marie Russo
Nancy Bishop

Help us support community screenings of LEAVING TO REMAIN for the GRT (Gypsy, Roma, Traveller) communities in the UK. The screenings will be accompanied by talks and Q&As with our three protagonists Denisa, Petr & Ondrej.

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Leaving to Remain Sheds Light on Challenges Facing Roma Community.” Variety on LEAVING TO REMAIN

Many thanks for considering supporting community screenings of the film to the GRT communities in the UK. The community screenings and accompanying talks are designed to inspire a dialogue about the themes featured in the film, such as inclusive education, equal opportunities, and the importance of the GRT community joining mainstream society.

In the process of making the film, the film's three protagonists have learnt to become documentary filmmakers. Our hope is that their filmmaking journey will inspire an exciting new generation of GRT filmmakers who will start telling their own stories and claim their heritage.

Leaving to Remain reveals the lives of three Roma: Petr Torák, Denisa Gannon and Ondrej Oláh. They settled in the UK 20 years ago, but still feel attached to their native Slovakia and Czech Republic. As the UK went into lockdown, they were encouraged and guided to film their own lives throughout the Covid pandemic and the aftermath of Brexit. What emerged is a quietly radical film. 

The film offers something completely new to British viewers, who are unlikely ever to have encountered Roma on British screens before: a compelling and nuanced portrayal of Roma which raises bigger questions about the identity of post-Brexit Britain. Rarely do we glimpse the realities of our bureaucracy – both when it works, as with inclusive mainstream education; and when it doesn't, as for the thousands of vulnerable people forced to navigate the complexities of the post-Brexit EU settlement scheme.

The Roma are the largest ethnic minority in Europe, counting between 10 million and 12 million people. However, this huge ethnic minority is largely unknown and often misrepresented. The aim of this film is to break down the negative stereotyping of the Roma and present positive Roma role models.

Director: Mira Erdevički

Producers: Lucie Wenigerová, Zuzana Mistríková, Martin Jůza

A UK-Slovak-Czech coproduction