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Lana O'Neill | Safe House | Bredasdorp (SA)

Community worker and activist Lana O'Neill has been running a safe house in the small South African town of Bredasdorp since 2015 - the only one if its kind in the whole region. Since it's opening Lana and her team have assisted more than 500 women.

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Your support keeps the safe house afloat! The house receives an annual fixed amount from the municipality to cover running costs, but for everything else - food, petrol, doctor's visits, the daily soup kitchen - Lana and her team rely on donations!

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A small community has been shaken by a series of rapes and murders of women. Activist and community worker Lana O'Neill works tirelessly to create a safe place for the most vulnerable women in town.

Lana's activities range widely, from picking up young women under a bridge to negotiating funding with the deputy mayor. Following Lana, we see how social inequality, addiction, and violence wreak havoc on the lives of the women in this small South African town. Bredasdorp is one town of many - the country as a whole has an extremely high number of violence against women and femicide.

The local government, meanwhile, is doing little to support Lana's endeavours, and the pressure on her inevitably increases. DORPIE, filmed over the course of 5 years, portraits a woman making the most of her grassroots leadership qualities, but who is also struggling against the tide.