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ShareDoc Festival Events

ShareDoc @ DOCS Ireland

Belfast 20-6-2023 to 25-06-2023

Featured Documentaries

Engaging Audience Docs Ireland

Creative Practices for Documentary Distribution

Hosted by audience designer Sile Culley, this event will focus on the importance of audience engagement, and the journey of non-fiction film through the film value chain in an ever-changing market. Bringing together innovators in the realm of non-fiction filmmaking to present on the methods they have utilised in finding new ways to reach audiences.

Share.Doc | Connecting Documentary Audiences with Real-life Subjects

Share.Doc is the first international platform that enables documentary audiences to take direct action to support your protagonist in need, giving them a tool to turn their empathy into action. Share.Doc Founder Anne Marie Borsboom will present on how this initiative is designed to empower and motivate doc-watchers, and how the platform supports non-fiction filmmakers and their work.

ShareDoc Presentation @ DOCS Ireland