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How does ShareDoc challenge the status quo?

Once upon a time, in the famous festival IDFA, the team behind ShareDoc wanted to explore the impact on the audience of a peer-to-peer documentary platform. The answer was clear: the audience loved this alternative way of getting involved directly with the protagonists or charities. 

In a nutshell, ShareDoc enables conscious documentary lovers to take action after watching a documentary by donating to support a protagonist or a charity; and to act for impact by igniting a petition, organizing a protest, an awareness campaign, etc.  

The process is simple: the audience can scan the QR code featured in the credits and the ticket to land on the documentary's dedicated page.

Our Philosophy

Designed on the peer-to-peer/crowdfunding model, we enable everyone to become a change-maker and take action immediately after watching a documentary. 

Our platform is home to a unique community of documentary enthusiasts with a philanthropic mindset. We exist to amplify the social impact of documentaries for the protagonists and/or charities involved in the project. 

We commit to helping vulnerable communities by leveraging the power of documentaries and how art can contribute to a better future for everyone involved. 

We operate in a progressive fashion to continuously support charities and protagonists of documentaries to raise awareness and receive the help they need. In other words, our philosophy is to bridge the gap between the realm of documentaries, philanthropy, and the audience.

A breeze of fresh air in the industry

Our model perfectly adjusts to the needs of the younger generations, millennials, and co’s as they look for more sustainable and purposeful means in their lives. 

By securing a peer-to-peer model and using easy-to-access technology to facilitate actions, ShareDoc brings additional value to the documentary industry, from filmmakers to festival organizers, attracting and retaining an audience already keen to act. 

ShareDoc marks the beginning of a new era in the documentary industry. We plan to continuously scale our platform to adjust to the ever-changing needs of this new circular economy that is finally taking shape. 

We secured critical partnerships with two European festivals: CPH.DOC in Denmark and One World in the Czech Republic. Collaborating with the organizers of these festivals is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to explore new possibilities, increase participation, reveal new documentary makers, and ultimately improve the lives of many by increasing audience presence, participation, and engagement. 

About the team

ShareDoc is the brainchild of Anne-Marie Borsboom, an Amsterdam native well-known for her work as a filmmaker and producer. Socially engaged Anne-Marie was the first camerawoman in the Netherlands, collaborating with a broad array of directors. She directed several films 'Homesick', 'Carnaval Woman ', and 'Boi, Song of a Wanderer'. Throughout her career, she engaged and interacted with film festival directors and filmmakers, which gave her the idea to create a platform that empowers documentary makers and their audiences to give back. Share.Doc is the result of her journey as a devoted filmmaker. For the project, she collaborates with Ruth Terpstra, a freelance sound technician in the film industry with extensive experience in project innovation and management.

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